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Project Financing, PPP and Capital Market

Abeledo Gottheil’s experience in the structuring of project financing, including the use of the capital market as one of the financing channels, is extensive and comprises a wide range of different situations that required new designs and creativity in the search of solutions.

As regards public work contracts and public work concession, our Law Firm gives advice also to its clients in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) with the public sector, offering integral advice on the issue.

Relevant experience

  • Legal advice to Silica Networks Argentina S.A. in drafting for the purchase of equipment of Nortel Networks Limited for a U$S 93,5 Million loan granted to Silica, for its fiber-optic network telecommunications project covering Chile and Argentina. Drafting, negotiation and creation of guarantees, including pledges on acquired equipment, real estates fiber-optic network, motor vehicles, and the company’s telecommunications license.
  • Legal counsel to N.S.S. S.A. (I-Plan Networks) in the drafting and negotiation of a US$ 61Million Stock Purchase Agreement with the mutual fund Madison Dearborn and other investors, for the financing of its telecommunications company.
  • Our firm acted as local counsel for the Agents and Lenders (ING Bank, Banco Río, Banco Shaw and Banco del Sud) of a credit facility to SEI y Asociados de Argentina S.A. (Southern Electric) of U$S 136 million to purchase the Alicura Dam under the Hidroeléctrica Norpatagónica S.A. (HIDRONOR) privatization procedures.
  • Under the same privatization procedure we have acted as legal counsels for ING Bank to submit to the Argentine Government U$S 129 million nominal value of Argentine internal and external debt within the debt to equity scheme.
  • Legal advice to Ansaldo Argentina S.A. and Ansaldo S.P.A. on legal aspects of financing structures for the supply of turbines –including the supply of 10 turbines and generators for the Yacyretá project, a hydroelectric power plant on the Paraná River, pursuant to the corresponding international bidding; the Costanera Generator Plant revamping and other equipment for electric power generation. Other projects, before such date.
  • Counsel to the consortium composed by the NMB Postbank Groep N.V. -Thyssen-Clarkson in Bid Nr. 14-19116-91, for the selection of the financial advisor to assist Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales S.A. (YPF) in the organization and development of a process of Public Bid for the sale of YPF’s fleet.
  • Counsel to the NMB Postbank Groep N.V. in the National and International Public Bid for the concession of the whole Sector of the national railways network composing the General San Martín Line and the remainder of Domingo F. Sarmiento Line, excluding its urban sections.
  • Counsel to the NMB Postbank Groep N.V. in the financial engineering for the privatization of Polisur S.M.’s stock. The work was developed between February and July, 1991 and ended with the granting to the purchaser of the shares, of the necessary loans for the payment of their price.
  • National Mortgage Bank (Banco Hipotecario Nacional): It participated in the preparation of a Specimen Trust Agreement for the financing of Construction Undertakings.
  • “Torre de los Naranjos” Trust. This Trust, intended for the financing of the construction of apartment towers was structured by means of one of the Law Firm’s partners, where for the first time, the possibility of issuing Series of Securities in accordance with the financing needs was introduced specially developing the possible alternatives for the investors in case of failure in the sale of the apartments that could affect the repayment of the bonds placed in the market.
  • Camargo Trust. Financing of an apartment building with the issuance of series in accordance with the work progress..
  • BNL Financial Trusts Program: it was structured for the issuance of different series with individual trusts, with a large range of underlying assets, mainly credit rights.
  • Fiducia Financial Trusts Multi-assets Program: bearing the same characteristics as the preceding one.
  • Columbia Financial Trust: It was structured having consumer credit agreements as underlying asset.
  • Secures Series 02 Financial Trust: The underlying assets were receivables and other documents of Angel Estrada y Cía., originated in the ordinary course of its business.
  • Financial Trust on motor vehicle pledges structured by Banco Israelita de Córdoba.
  • Private Trust created for the financing of livestock wintering.
  • Trust acting as Guarantee: The assets under the trust are made-up with the revenues originated in a hotel concession, the insurance on the real property subject to exploitation and the funds arising from the exercise of purchase options on the real property or the shares of the company that owns said hotel. This trust guarantees a loan granted by a Foreign Bank to a local company, with the purpose of repairing the real property granted under the concession.
  • Trust as Direct Mutual Fund for “La Nación” Building. It was created to finance an office building to be built above the current construction owned by the newspaper “La Nación”.
  • Financial Trust as Direct Investment Fund for “Chacras del Paraná”to finance works in a country club.
  • Advice for the creation of guarantee trusts for financial operations.
  • Through its members, the Firm was actively involved in the drawing up the drafts, their discussion and gave advice to the President of the Parliamentary Commission of the House of Deputies in the treatment of the law.


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