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María Teresa Pintos

Educated: University of Buenos Aires (Lawyer, 1967; SJD 1972) OAS Scholarship on Stock Markets and Capital Markets as trainee with the SEC, NYSE, Chicago Board of Options in 1976, graduate studies Especialización en Derecho de la Empresa, Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), 1972, Asset Securitization Euromoney, Mexico, 1993; Asset Securitization, Institute of International Research (IIR), 1993, and Corporate Finance (IIR), 1994.

Associate Professor of Commercial Law, University of Buenos Aires (1973-1979), Professor of Seminars on Public Offerings at the Instituto Argentino de Mercado de Capitales (1992); Professor of OAS Capital Markets Seminars in Chile and Venezuela (1976); Professor of a Graduate Course pursuant to an agreement between Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and University of Buenos Aries School of Economic Sciences (1992-1993); Professor of Master of Law, Universidad de Palermo-Yale University (1995-1996). Member of Universidad Di Tella Law School Consulting Board (Buenos Aires, 2011).

María Teresa Pintos has lectured on various Capital Markets and Securitizations seminars including, among others: “Securitization”, Instituto Argentino de Entidades Financieras, 1994; “Securitization II”; Institute of International Research (IIR), 1994; Paraguay Stock Exchange, “Securitization”, 1994; “New alternatives for house financing”, Lima-Perú, 1995; “Housing and Construction”, Banco Hipotecario Nacional, June-November 1995: “Trust”, Institute for International Research, 1996. T. Pintos’ practice has been primarily focused on banking, finance, and securities market law, having advised the Comisión Nacional de Valores with stock public offering, and the Retirement and Pension Funds Law. She was retained by the Consejo Federal de Inversiones to work on Capital Markets and its Contribution to Regional Development in 1994.

She has been an advisor to the Banco Hipotecario Nacional on securitization since 1994; counsel to the Mercado Abierto Electrónico (MAE), since 1992 up to 2012.  Also, she has participated in finance restructuring for specific projects under the new Trust Law, and has structured new financial products with a special practice in Investment Funds and trusts. She has participated in the drafting of the trust law (No. 24.441) and appointed by the CNV to draft a project on governance regulations in Argentina as well as transparency.

As a corporate lawyer she has dealt with issues regarding conflict of laws in cross border transactions and acted as counsel for banking institutions, and private shareholders.

Languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian.


Av. Eduardo Madero 1020, 5th floor | C1106ACX

Buenos Aires | Argentina

(5411) 4516-1500