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Competition and Antitrust

Within the Antitrust field, Abeledo Gottheil has developed a wide experience covering advice in antitrust issues, control of economic concentration operations both, domestic and international ones having effects in the country, and professional assistance and representation of clients in processes related to anticompetitive practices.

The Firm has counseled national and international clients in a wide range of commercial markets and activities, such as alcoholic beverages or soft drinks, tires, aluminum, broadcasting, auto parts, automotive industry, health centers, electricity, gas, metals y minerals, business consultancy, chemicals, paper and its by-products, merchandising and supplies for construction, among others.

We have counseled and defended companies both, in the preparation of reports for violation of antitrust regulations and representing them as regards reports on conducts that restrict competition and cartelization, handling all stages of the processes before administrative offices and courts.

We also acted proactively giving preventive advice to the clients on commercial practices in order to confirm their adaptation to the antitrust regulations, including workshops or trainings to executives and managers to standardize their practices with applicable compliance instructions.

The members of our team have taken specialization courses on the subject and postgraduate programs both locally and abroad, and in addition they are well-known in this field due to the international publication Best Lawyer (Competition / Antitrust Law).

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