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Banking, Financing & Fintech

Abeledo Gottheil provides innovative advice within the banking and financial law field, by working both, for banks and financial institutions, as well as Fintech, Saving Plan Companies and companies of different sectors.

Among its main services, you can find the design of legal and financing structures; advice for the establishment and financial entities authorization; acquisition and sale of financial entities; representation and proceedings before the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (Banco Central de la República Argentina); advice regarding the maintenance and adaptation of technical relationships; adaptation of corporate structures; merger of entities; design and drafting of bank contracts; structuring of guarantees and financial trusts; implementation security rules; external legal audit of banking institutions; adoption of compliance procedures; consulting in interpretation and application of foreign exchange regulations; integral advice to shareholders and directors of financial entities; representation and defense in summary proceedings.

The area works jointly with other areas of the Firm to offer to its clients a service of excellence, specially focusing on tax issues, data privacy, compliance and money laundering prevention.

Relevant experience

  • Tax advice to IronCloud (Fintech) in the implementation of products inherent to its operation.
  • Legal advice in the structuring and incorporation of Yamaha Motor Plan Argentina S.A. de Ahorro para Fines Determinados.
  • Legal advice to Banco de Comercio on commercial transactions, credit operations and on bank guarantees.
  • Legal advice in the structuring and incorporation of Toyota Plan de Ahorro para Fines Determinados.
  • Structuring of the financial business of the clothing store chain C&A, through its Credit Card for customers.
  • Legal advice to Banco Cofidis and Banco Cetelem including the obtention of the bank license and assignment of credits portfolio and sale of Banco Cofidis’ shares.
  • Local advice to Banque Nationale de París as from its arrival in Argentina by the ende of the 70’s. General assistance has included the presentation and obtention of the license, start-up, bank transactions, assistance as legal advisor of the BNP Paribas as agent of the Consortium banks to restructure the debt of the Argentine public sector, etc.
  • Legal advice in the organization and structuring of Toyota Compañía Financiera’s businesses.
  • Legal advice to NMB – ING Bank.
  • Legal advice of the Securitization Program for Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, related to different kinds of assets, for a total amount of U$S 350 millions and the first issuance according to the Program and securitization of housing loans.


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