Infraestructure | National and International Public Bids | Multipurpose Water Use Portezuelo del Viento

18 May 2020 |

The Province of Mendoza has called for National and International Public Bid N° 98/2019-122 for the procurement of the engineering and construction works of both the dam and the hydroelectric power plant Portezuelo del Viento.

With a basic building budget of US$ 884 million, the construction of the dam, which will have a capacity to store 2,000 cubic hectometers of water and which will house an associated hydroelectric plant with the capacity to generated 210 MW, will be built near Río Grande, in the south of the province of Mendoza.

The submission of bids was extended until July 3, 2020 at 10:00 am, with the opening of the envelopes at 10:30 am.

To read about the bid conditions and the technical documentation of said bid, please click here:

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