Energy | National and International Open Call RenMDI to execute Renewable Electric Power Supply Contracts

6 March 2023 |

As from the decision of the Secretariat of Energy in Resolution 36/2023, a National and International Open Call “RenMDI” has been launched, with the purpose of executing Renewable Electric Power Supply Contracts with Compañía Administradora del Mercado Mayorista Eléctrico S.A. (“CAMMESA”), which shall act on behalf of  the Distributors and Large Consumers of the Wholesale Market of Electric Power (“MEM”), up to its reassignment in the head of the Distribution Agents and/or Large Consumers of the MEM, pursuant to the Bidding Conditions approved by said resolution.

The call is divided, mainly, into the following two lines:

–          Line 1: “Renewable Generation to substitute Forced Generation”, with a reference target power of 500 MW.

–          Line 2: “Renewable Generation to Diversify the Matrix”, with a reference target power of 120 MW. 

According to section 4 of Resolution N° 36/2023 issued by the Secretariat of Energy, the call procedure is in charge of CAMMESA, that has informed the following schedule:

– 02/02/2023: Publication of the “RenMDI Bidding Conditions”

– 03/09/2023: End of the period to consult the “RenMDI Bidding Conditions”

– 04/27/2023: Presentation of Bids (Envelopes “A” and “B”) and Opening of Envelope “A”

– 06/20/2023: Publication of the rating of bids Envelope “A”

– 06/22/2023: Opening of Envelope “B”

– 07/06/2023: Award of bids

– 07/11/2023: Commencement of the period for the execution of Supply Contracts

– 11/02/2023: End of the period to execute Supply Contracts


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