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Immigration Law

Abeledo Gottheil gives legal advice on immigration issues and related social security, labor, tax and customs matters in the expatriation of qualified personnel of companies.

Among the services offered by the Firm the following may be listed:

  • Integral analysis of expatriation and incidence as from the tax, social security and labor standpoint.
  • General advice for expatriates (covering the three stages of expatriation (before expatriation, during its development and at the end thereof).
  • Preparation of labor policies and contracts to set forth expatriation, repatriation and transfer conditions.
  • Management and renewal of temporary residences and obtention of permanent residences in the country.
  • Obtention of visas for investors, technical professionals and/or businesses, either provisional or temporary.
  • Obtention of temporary labor residences.
  • Obtention and renewal of the National Identity Document (DNI) for foreigners and of the Labor Identification Unique Code (Código Único de Identificación Laboral).
  • Obtention and renewal of applications for temporary transfers under the terms of bilateral and multilateral agreements on social security.
  • Advice and obtention of exemptions to the Argentine local social security regime for scientists and specialized staff temporarily assigned to Argentina and coming from countries with which the Argentine Republic has not executed bilateral or multilateral agreements on social security.

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